Visitors are welcome to visit Shorter Cemetery during daylight hours.

The cemetery is located at 510 Riverside Drive, Eufaula, Alabama. Visitors can get a key to the gate at the Eufaula Heritage Association’s Shorter Mansion, 340 North Eufaula Avenue, phone: 334-687-3793.


  • To get to the cemetery from downtown Eufaula go one block south of the intersection of Broad Street and Eufaula Avenue on South Eufaula Avenue/US 431 and turn left and head east on East Barbour Street/US 82.
  • Go 6/10 mile east on East Barbour Street/US 82. Immediately past the Quality Inn & Suites, just before the bridge to Georgia, turn right onto Riverside Drive.
  • Head south on Riverside Drive for 4/10 mile until you dead-end into a gate at 510 Riverside Drive. This is the gate to the Moulthrop Property and Shorter Cemetery.
  • Follow the dirt driveway for 2/10 mile going past the left side of the old abandoned brick Moulthrop house around to the east to the cemetery entrance.

Visitors are also welcome to walk to the cemetery from the gate at the south end of Riverside Drive. From the gate to the cemetery is an easy 2/10 mile walk along the dirt driveway.

Visitors, when they are not in the cemetery, are cautioned to stay on the driveway and not enter any of the buildings as they will be considered trespassing on that private property.