General Shorter’s Plot

General Shorter’s plot is the original plot at the cemetery. It is surrounded by a high brick wall. The plot contains his and his wife’s graves plus the graves of five of their children, a son-in-law, six grandchildren and their family preacher.

Living on the frontier was very hard. Water borne diseases: typhoid, diphtheria, yellow fever, etc. killed many of the people who lived here close to the river.  Women were doubly at risk as they also had a high mortality rate from child birth.

Within four years after setting on the property in 1839, the Shorters had buried three of their children and a 23 year old son-in-law here. Of the seven Shorter children buried in Shorter Cemetery; five died young as did the eight of the grandchildren buried in the cemetery.


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Reverend O. T. Hammond

David Cameron Kolb

Emily Frances Shorter Kolb

Sophia Herndon Shorter Lomax

Martha G. Shorter McKleroy

Reuben Shorter McKleroy

William H. McKleroy

Emily Frances Thornton

General Reuben Clark Shorter

Mary Butler Gill Shorter

Sampson Slaughter Shorter

William James Shorter

Mary Rebecca Thornton

Sophee Shorter Thornton

Willie Roberta Thornton