Dr. Dickey's Eye Water

In the late 1890s, after Mr. Robert H. Moulthrop purchased the Shorter property on the bluff, he entered into a business arrangement with Dr. James A. Dickey of Bristol, Tennessee to bottle and sell Dr. Dickey’s Eye Water.

Dr. Dickey’s Eye Water was bottled on the Moulthrop property, in a small wooden building on the edge of the bluff about 200 yards north of Shorter Cemetery.

Dr. J.A. Dickey and his partner, Mr. Cam Anderson, were the proprietors of the celebrated “Painless Eye Water”, “which for the benefit of the eyes, has no superior, as those who have tested it are ready to testify”.

Painless Eye Water

  • Cures inflamed and weak eyes in a few hours
  • Gives no pain
  • The best remedy in the world for granulated lids
  • Price 25 cents a bottle
  • Ask for it
  • Have no other

Dr. J. A. Dickey, Proprietor, Bristol, Tenn.

In later years, Dr. Dickey’s brother John Dickey formed his own Eye Water business, Dr. J. R. Dickey’s Eye Water.

The Dickey brothers produced and sold a wide variety of patent medicines. Some of them were:

  • Dickey’s Female Tonic & Regulator
  • Dickey’s Manhood Restorer
  • Dickey’s Hair Renewer & Invigorator
  • Dickey’s Liver Regulator
  • Dickey’s Tasteless Chill Cure
  • Dickey’s Old Reliable Salve
  • Dickey’s Arabian Horse & Cattle Powders
  • Dickey’s Vegetable Worm Confection
  • Dickey’s Eureka Vermifuge
  • Dickey’s Blood Cure/ D.B.C.
  • Dickey’s Magic Nervine
  • Dickey’s Magic Relief
  • Dickey’s Cough Drops
  • Dickey’s German Cologne
  • Dickey’s Old Reliable Healing Ointment
  • Dickey’s Indian Pile Ointment
  • Dickey’s White Oil
  • Dickey’s Japanese Toothache Drops
  • Dickey’s Magic Nerve & Bone Liniment
  • Dickey’s Syrup of Tolu, Tar, & Wild Cherry
  • Dickey’s Worm Confections
  • Dickey’s Bronchial Lozenges
  • Dickey’s Hair Vigor
  • Dickey’s Painless Corn Cure
  • Dickey’s Furniture polish
  • Dickey’s Strengthening Porous Plasters
  • Dickey’s Tasteless Chill Cure